Finest PaaS
Engineered and Hosted in Germany


cloffee offers next generation platform-as-a-service which helps you to build, deploy, scale and expand your ideas yourself.

We believe that lean, adaptable and scalable software architecture is needed to fulfill today’s ever-changing market requirements.

Our cloud development environment is the reliable and secure platform you need to deliver and scale your apps!



Our platform provides a standardized environment and shared services to kick-start your development.

This helps your development team to come up to speed in an instant and to focus on the important issues!


We empower your agile teams to deliver their work efficiently.

With simple, common rules to release new functionality, deployment becomes daily business.

Settle back, manage, control and monitor your products with a mouse click.


You have a great idea and an awesome talent pool. We provide you the hassle-free platform to realize your visions.

Using cloffee, your product becomes reality and amazes your customers.

Every day and everywhere.


Working with lean development processes, your team has the flexibility necessary to adapt to any change.

Short iterations allow for an continuous delivery of new customer value and improved customer experience.


Enterprise Edition

You don‘t want to host your own cloud platform. But you care about your data and therefore value a versatile solution under German jurisdiction.

Leverage PaaS now with minimal risk.

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Private Edition

Our experts help you to set up your own private cloud environment on-premise and coach you to get the most value out of it.

Everything inside your own private datacenter.

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